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One in four people is affected by articular cartilage damage. Cartilage performs important functions in our joints. However, once it is injured, it cannot regenerate itself. In these cases, treatment is necessary to prevent the cartilage lesion from worsening and to avoid consequences such as joint replacement (prosthesis). For these reasons, it is important to start appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

After years of scientific research and thanks to the latest innovative technologies, it is possible to restore articular cartilage and replace damaged tissue. BioTissue's treatment methods for cartilage regeneration are biologically compatible, tissue-conserving and completely absorbable. The implant is applied to the cartilage defect and integrates with the surrounding tissue.

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The individualized solution - chondrotissue®

Bone marrow stimulating techniques, such as microfracture or Pridie drilling, are often used to treat cartilage defects.

They can help with very small defects without weight bearing. However, clinical results have shown that they are ineffective for the treatment of medium to large defects in the long term. This is because they lead to the formation of fibrous repair tissue, which wears out again under the effect of compression and shear forces.

Bone marrow stimulation
Bleeding and cell migration
Formation of a fibrous
repair tissue

Thus, a stable 3D support matrix is required to:

1 – correct abnormal biomechanical forces in the defect area (capping effect)
2 – accommodate migrating mesenchymal stem and progenitor cells
3 – promote the formation of hyaline like cartilage

Implantation of chondrotissue®
Migration of stem and progenitor cells into chondrotissue®
Formation of hyaline
type cartilage

By covering the defect area with chondrotissue® after bone marrow stimulation techniques, mesenchymal stem and progenitor cells migrate into the support matrix and are retained there.

The cells find an optimal 3D environment to rebuild hyaline like cartilage tissue.

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