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One in four people is affected by articular cartilage damage. Cartilage performs important functions in our joints. However, once it is injured, it cannot regenerate itself. In these cases, treatment is necessary to prevent the cartilage lesion from worsening and to avoid consequences such as joint replacement (prosthesis). For these reasons, it is important to start appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

After years of scientific research and thanks to the latest innovative technologies, it is possible to restore articular cartilage and replace damaged tissue. BioTissue's treatment methods for cartilage regeneration are biologically compatible, tissue-conserving and completely absorbable. The implant is applied to the cartilage defect and integrates with the surrounding tissue.

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The individualized solution - chondrotissue®

chondrotissue® is a cell-free implant that is used for the treatment of articular cartilage defects in synovial joints such as the knee, hip or ankle, using minimally invasive surgical procedures. chondrotissue® supports the body's own stem cells to rebuild damaged cartilage tissue in the joint.

Articular cartilage cannot regenerate itself. When damaged, it loses its function and the patient suffers pain. Treatment is inevitable to prevent the health of the affected joint from deteriorating.

chondrotissue® combines established orthopedic techniques with innovative and advanced technologies. chondrotissue® harnesses the natural potential of mesenchymal stem cells to rebuild damaged cartilage tissue.

The mesenchymal stem cells are obtained by performing bone marrow stimulating techniques, such as microfracture or Pridie drilling. Thanks to its components, chondrotissue® is an ideal, 3-dimensional, mechanically stable scaffold that provides an optimal environment for the patient's own cells to rebuild the damaged tissue.

chondrotissue® is implanted through minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy or mini-open arthrotomy.

Properties of

100% absorbable

The decomposition and replacement of the carrier material by new tissue takes place within 3-4 months. The dissolution of the material is residue-free.

100% synthetic

chondrotissue® contains no components of animal or human origin. For this reason, it is ideal for patients with an animal protein allergy.

100% stable

Thanks to its unique composition, the implant has maximum shape stability and mechanical strength, unlike many other collagen or gel based implants.

Treatment with chondrotissue®

chondrotissue® combines established orthopedic treatment methods with the latest technological advances. Prior cartilage harvesting through a biopsy, as required for autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), is not necessary for treatment with chondrotissue®, as the natural migration and differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells is harnessed. An orthopedic surgical method to obtain mesenchymal stem cells is to use bone marrow stimulating techniques, such as microfracture or Pridie drilling. These techniques involve punching or drilling small holes in the bone underlying the cartilage, causing artificial bleeding and providing access to the bone marrow.

These standard surgical techniques used alone are quick to perform and cost-effective, but have not achieved encouraging long-term results. The tissue formed is of poor quality and does not have the functionality and resistance of original cartilage tissue. The blood is lost in the joint and can cause inflammation there. Furthermore, shear forces and weight bearing prevent the formation of a homogeneous, stable tissue by cells present in the joint.

chondrotissue® as an intelligent cover, provides immediate protection for the bleeding bone and prevents mesenchymal stem cells from being lost in the joint. At the same time, chondrotissue® provides a structure that supports the regeneration potential of the stem cells. The stem cells can thus migrate into the three-dimensional structure and replace the defective tissue.

Vorteile von BioSeed®-C
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  • Ein-Schritt-Verfahren – eine vorherige Biopsie ist nicht erforderlich.
  • Arthroskopische Implantation ist möglich (minimalinvasive Chirurgie).
  • Kurze Operationszeiten.
  • Hohe mechanische Stabilität des Implantates.
  • Vollständige Resorption des Trägermaterials innerhalb von 3-4 Monaten und Ersetzung durch neu gebildetes Gewebe.
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