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BioTissue, a double spin-off of the Charité University Hospital in Berlin and the University Hospital in Freiburg, is the pioneer par excellence in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

BioTissue’s technology platform offers unique solutions to improve quality of life by intelligently harnessing the body’s own regenerative potential through implants that can be applied with minimally invasive surgical procedures.




This innovative field of advanced biomedical technologies provides therapies to regenerate damaged tissues or organs. BioTissue has focused on two areas of regenerative medicine to offer orthobiological solutions for cartilage defects:

Tissue Engineering

by using the patient's own cultured cells in combination with an optimal carrier material: BioSeed®-C is the result of BioTissue's research activities in the field of tissue engineering, as the first easy-to-use autologous 3-dimensional chondrocyte graft with unique shape stability, allowing for secure subchondral fixation. Excellent results have been shown, with up to 12 years of clinical follow-up data available.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

using an intelligent matrix to support the body's own regenerative potential by providing an optimal environment for mesenchymal stem and progenitor cells. chondrotissue® is BioTissue's first smart matrix product: cell-free, stable, 3-dimensional scaffold, implantable through a one-step procedure, supporting the bone marrow-stimulating process after microfracture.

Research & Development

In order to continuously expand our technological lead, we have founded our own development company. Find out more about the extensive research activities of TransTissue Technologies GmbH at:


Sebastian Schroeder, MD
Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer
Michael Schroeder, MD
Michael Schneider, PhD
co-Chief Executive Officer
Gaetan Irrmann, MSc
co-Chief Executive Officer
Michaela Endres, PhD
Head of Research & Development
Regenerative Medicine
Chief Executive Officer
TransTissue Technologies GmbH

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